S2, E6: Community Media Spotlight: Tea, Toast, and Truth

Season 2, Episode 6

Community Media Spotlight: Tea, Toast, and Truth

In our second season of Rural Roots Rising, we’ve been on a state-wide mission to
explore community-based, intergenerational, collaborative, rural media.
Join us this month as we feature Tea, Toast, and Truth, a podcast created by Ashland High School’s Truth to Power Club.
This podcast is a great example of everyday people using DIY media to
amplify local voices and create community-driven change.

Roots Rising is both a podcast and a radio show airing on 20 community
radio stations, and it’s also an ongoing experiment in building up our
media skills across rural Oregon. We’re halfway through our second
season, where we’re digging deep into how rural media makers do what
they do. This episode features the work of creative high school students
who are willing to explore complex issues in their community, all while
teaching themselves how to create a podcast for the first time!

showcasing their second episode, “Seeing Homeless.” They describe the
episode as one focusing “on the struggles and biases that surround the
homeless crisis.” Truth to Power interviews members of the homeless
community, home free and homeless rights activists, and the Ashland
Chief of Police, and ask community members to take on an active role as
an ally for the unhoused community.

Download this episode’s transcript at ruralrootsrising.org.

More on what you heard in this episode:

Tea, Toast, and Truth is a podcast created by Ashland High School’s Truth to Power Club. The show is produced collaboratively and uplifts diverse voices and offers a teen point of view.

This episode is part one of a two-part series highlighting the Tea, Toast, and Truth
podcast and features hosts and producers Izabella Cantu, Isadora
Millay, and Anya Moore. They interview housing rights activists and many
voices from the unhoused community, along with Ashland Chief of Police
Tighe O’Meara. Together they touch on the criminalization of the
unhoused community and the barriers to access many people face.

You can listen to full episodes of Tea, Toast, and Truth on Spotify or Anchor FM.

you are interested in connecting with other rural Oregonians who are
making media and building stronger communities in your area, head to www.rop.org to learn more about Rural Organizing Project and how you can get involved or reach out to us at info@ruralrootsrising.org.

We featured music from Daniel Birch and The Road Sodas!

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