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A monthly podcast created by and for Rural Oregonians who are creatively and courageously building stronger and more vibrant communities for a just democracy!

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About the Podcast

Rural Organizing Project produces Rural Roots Rising, a monthly podcast by and for rural Oregonians who are creatively and courageously building stronger and more vibrant communities for a just democracy!

This community media project grew out of the 2019 Rural Caucus & Strategy Session where community leaders from rural and frontier Oregon shared how local media are getting sold to faraway corporations and reflecting less and less of what matters most their communities. Many rural Oregonians are creating, building, and supporting community media including newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and podcasts.

Together we are connecting the dots between the issues that impact rural Oregon, including migration, housing, disaster response, and more. Each episode features voices and organizing lessons from strategic community leaders building the movement for human dignity in Oregon!

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Season 2

S2, E7: Behind the Scenes With Tea, Toast, and Truth

Season 2, Episode 7 Behind the Scenes With Tea, Toast, and Truth This is the Final Episode in Season 2 of Rural Roots Rising! We go behind the scenes of Tea, Toast, and Truth and talk with Ashland Highschool’s Truth to Power Club about how they pair education and action through their podcast and community…

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S2, E6: Community Media Spotlight: Tea, Toast, and Truth

Season 2, Episode 6 Community Media Spotlight: Tea, Toast, and Truth In our second season of Rural Roots Rising, we’ve been on a state-wide mission toexplore community-based, intergenerational, collaborative, rural media.Join us this month as we feature Tea, Toast, and Truth, a podcast created by Ashland High School’s Truth to Power Club.This podcast is a…

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S2,E5: Behind the Scenes with KPOV and The Point

Season 2, Episode 5 Behind the Scenes with KPOV & The Point This month’s episode continues our community media spotlight series with a behind-the-scenes interview with KPOV 88.9 FM, High Desert Community Radio station manager Bruce Morris. This episode is the second in a two-part profile of KPOV and features Bruce discussing KPOV’s early history…

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S2, E4: Community Media Spotlight: KPOV & The Point

Season 2: Episode 4 Community Media Spotlight: KPOV & The Point This month’s episode continues our community media spotlight series by highlighting KPOV & The Point, a daily radio show hosted by a rotating cast of hosts at KPOV 88.9 FM, High Desert Community Radio. This episode is part one of a two-part series! In…

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S2, E3: Behind the Scenes with Rural Race Talks

Season 2: Episode 3 Behind the Scenes with Rural Race Talks Last month we introduced LaNicia Duke and her call-in program Rural Race Talks on Coast Community Radio. We recommend listening to Community Media Spotlight: Rural Race Talks first. This month’s episode, Behind the Scenes with Rural Race Talks, explores the power of learning in…

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S2, E2: Community Media Spotlight: Rural Race Talks

Season 2: Episode 2 Community Media Spotlight:Rural Roots Rising Rural Roots Rising is both a podcast and a radio show airing on 19 community radio stations, and it’s also an ongoing experiment in building up our media skills across rural Oregon. In Season 2 we are amplifying rural radio shows and digging into how they…

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S2, E1: Behind the Scenes with ROP

Season 2: Episode 1 Behind the Scenes with ROP For the last year, we’ve been producing monthly episodes of Rural Roots Rising to share stories of courageous and creative organizing across rural Oregon. But why? To get us rolling on our second season, we pulled back the curtain to share what inspired this show, and…

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Season 1

S1, E13: Hindsight 2020: Telling Rural Stories

Season 1: Episode 13 Hindsight 2020: Telling Rural Stories Over a year ago, when ROP committed to making 13 monthly episodes to share organizing stories from across rural Oregon, we had no idea what 2020 would hold! Hindsight 2020: Telling Rural Stories features Monica Pearson with North Coast Progressive Action in Clatsop County, Rita Schenkelberg,…

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S1, E12: Blackberries and Ballot Measures

Season 1: Episode 11 Blackberries and Ballot Measures: 2020 Election Edition As rumors fly about who can and can’t vote by mail, and threats to a fair election escalate, rural Oregonians are sharing paper and digital STAND Election guides with their neighbors to offer clear information about how people who are displaced by the fires…

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S1, E11: It (Still) Takes All of Us

Season 1: Episode 11 It (Still) Takes All of Us As rural Oregonians, we’re not new to taking care of each other in a crisis. In the midst of the fear and grief, we’re returning this month to the story of thousands of committed people who joined together across county lines and faiths. By bringing…

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S1, E10: Taking Risks

Season 1: Episode 10 Taking Risks This month’s episode, Taking Risks highlights the voices of Suzanne Pharr, a renowned community organizer and movement elder, and Zachary Stocks, whose passion to make museums dynamic spaces accessible to everyone brought him into community organizing.  Find out when your local radio station is playing Fighting for Rural here…

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S1, E9: Fighting for Rural

Season 1: Episode 9 Fighting for Rural Fighting for Rural features Kim Schmith, Kelsey Olivera, and Kelly Huang of the Madras Key Club sharing a story of multigenerational small-town organizing for equity! Madras Key Club is working inside the schools to build a more inclusive Jefferson County. You’ll learn about their work celebrating their family’s…

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Web Exclusive: Remembering Kent State

Web Extra: Remembering Kent State Welcome to the first Rural Roots Rising web extra! As protests of police violence against black Americans continue across the country, we have witnessed large scale police and National Guard deployment, many outfitted with intimidating and sophisticated warfighting gear. Countless videos have shown police officers and the National Guard using…

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S1, E8: Black Lives Matter: Voices of Rural Oregon

Season 1: Episode 8 Black Lives Matter: Voices of Rural Oregon We are in the midst of a global movement, with Black Lives Matter protests erupting all around the nation and beyond. Rural Organizing Project’s multiracial network of human dignity groups is answering the call. Here in Oregon, rural and small-town communities have hosted over…

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S1, E7: Community Radio: Tune In, Speak Out

Season 1: Episode 7 Community Radio: Tune In, Speak Out Community-based Radio and other local media help us weather the storms we face, both literally and figuratively. When radio works for the good of all our neighbors, this free, accessible service, fosters the sense of belonging, resilience and connection necessary for survival. And the importance…

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S1, E6: Feeding Our Communities

Season 1: Episode 6 Feeding Our Communities The spread of COVID-19 and the insufficient response to it, has made it much more difficult to access safe and healthy food, especially for those most vulnerable among us. Feeding Our Communities features Harry MacCormack from Sunbow Farm in Benton County, Oregon and Martina LeForce with Berea Kids Eat in Madison County, Kentucky. Both…

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S1, E5: Building An Ever Wider Circle

Season 1: Episode 5 Building an Ever Wider Circle Building an Ever Wider Circle features Gwen Trice from the Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center in Wallowa County. Gwen is creating accessible ways for people to grapple with racism in Oregon through learning about the experiences of multicultural loggers who have called Wallowa County home for generations. If you are…

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S1, E4: It Takes All of Us

Season 1: Episode 4 It Takes All of Us It Takes All of Us shares a story about the power of interfaith organizing and the successes that are possible when hundreds of volunteers join together in a moment of crisis. This month, we follow the story of Navneet Kaur, who took action in support of asylum…

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S1, E3: Building Community Power

Season 1: Episode 3Building Community Power Building Community Power features Miriam Vargas Corona with Unidos Bridging Community in Yamhill County and Bruce Morris with KPOV, High Desert Community Radio in Deschutes County. They both won victories for human dignity by bringing people together from different segments of their communities. If you are interested in connecting…

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S1, E2: Rural Community Building

Season 1: Episode 2 Rural Community Building Rural Community Building features Martha Verduzco with Hood River Latino Network in the Columbia River Gorge and Katie Cook with Rural Voices based in Gilliam County. This episode emphasizes a core truth about rural community organizing: breaking isolation by building connections, relationships, and community through organizing is a skill…

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S1, E1: Anyone Can be an Organizer

Season 1: Episode 1 Anyone Can be an Organizer Anyone Can Be An Organizer features Brenda Flores with Raíces in Stanfield, Umatilla County, Juan Navarro with Here to Stay in the mid-Willamette Valley, and Monica Pearson with Indivisible North Coast Oregon in Astoria, Clatsop County. We talked with each of them about their work for migrant…

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