S2, E1: Behind the Scenes with ROP

Season 2: Episode 1

Behind the Scenes with ROP

For the last year, we’ve been producing monthly episodes of Rural Roots Rising to share stories of courageous and creative organizing across rural Oregon. But why? To get us rolling on our second season, we pulled back the curtain to share what inspired this show, and how the process of making it has changed our organizing. In this month’s episode, Behind the Scenes with ROP, we dig in with Rural Organizing Project staff members who trace the origins of our foray into audio production, starting with radio relationships dating back decades. Beyond sharing stories from across the network, one of the main goals of Rural Roots Rising is to be a resource for rural communities looking to create their own media. When we decided to figure out how to make this podcast, we wanted to make sure we were learning in public by sharing out the skills we’re honing and helping build resources that people around the state can pull from and adapt. 

If you are interested in connecting with other rural Oregonians who are making media or building power in your area, head to www.rop.org to learn more about Rural Organizing Project (ROP) and how you can get involved.


Find out when your local radio station is playing Behind the Scenes with ROP at ruralrootsrising.org!


Download this episode’s transcript  here. Link to Spanish transcript coming soon! Transcripción en español será disponible pronto.


More on what you heard in this episode:

This episode references several episodes from Season 1, including Community Radio: Tune In, Speak Out and It Takes All of Us. You can find more episodes of Rural Roots Rising at ruralrootsrising.org


We also shared about the public service announcements and radio ads that we have been creating alongside this radio show. You can find all of this content on Google Drive here.


If you’re a rural media creator and would like to partner with us in sharing a story from your community, reach out to us at info@ruralrootsrising.org


Did you like the music in this episode? We featured The Road Sodas, Jon Watts, and Junior 85.


Rural Roots Rising is a production of the Rural Organizing Project. Thank you for listening!


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